There were audible sighs of resignation from a significant number of libertarians following Gary Johnson's underwhelming third-place finish in the 2012 presidential election. For so long, the prevailing argument was that the party needed a high-profile and nationally recognized presidential candidate to elevate the brand and ideology into mainstream American politics, and capture the attention of the public. And in Gary Johnson, many believed that they had found such a nominee. After all, his record as Governor of New Mexico can withstand the toughest scrutiny, and his campaign is without doubt the most organized, expansive and well-funded in the Libertarian Party history - all this without factoring the effect of the ostensibly disenfranchised Ron Paul Republicans. So, perhaps his not quite 1% share of the total popular vote could be viewed as a disappointment.

On the other hand, however, an even larger majority believes that the Libertarian Party is on the cusps of breaking through the two-party hegemony. The flourishing grassroots movement, comprising primarily of the younger demographic, along with the emergence of a blossoming national-level election machinery, will accord future libertarian candidates with some sorely needed organizational support, and perhaps, eliminate the perennial issue of ballot access.

The key now is to maintain the momentum, and leverage the inroads made in 2012 for the 2016 presidential election. And thus, the search now commences for the individual to take the party to the next level; a presidential candidate that will bear the huge responsibility of capturing the imagination of the American public, and achieve something that has never been done since 1912 - building a nationally competitive third party.

 Declared and Exploratory Libertarian Candidates 

Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Licensed Physician
Declared Libertarian 2016 Candidate Marc Feldman
A minor candidate without a large financial backing, Marc Allan Feldman questions the prevailing wisdom that deep pockets are a prerequisite to victory in politics, contending that “votes are not for sale”. He is a Libertarian and opposes the fiscal policies of both major parties.

Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Author and CEO
Declared Libertarian Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel
No fan of either the Republican or Democrat parties, Steve Kerbel holds to a defiantly Libertarian platform. He believes in personal freedom and accountability, with the absolute minimum of government necessary to keep the nation running. Kerbel is a pro-business candidate.

Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Author, Publisher, and Radio/TV host; Libertarian Activist
Declared 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Darryl Perry
The 36-year old author, publisher, and radio/TV host already has more than 15 years of political activity behind him. Perry is a textbook libertarian, advocating drastic reduction of the powers of the Federal Government, while granting more power to the individual.

 Potential Libertarian Candidates 

Potential 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Former Governor of New Mexico
Possible 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson

The ex-construction company owner governed New Mexico for eight years, during which time, the state’s deficit was wiped out - without the aid of any new tax increases. He also memorably vetoed over 750 pieces of legislations to keep a check on the state government’s spending.

Potential 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate
Libertarian activist and former Vice-Chair of the Libertarian National Committee
Potential Libertarian 2016 Candidate R. Lee Wrights

The Tar Heel Libertarian has been an ever-present name in Libertarian circles and served as Vice-Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. The former sergeant with the U.S. Air Force proclaimed, “I am still a warrior, but I am not at war”, a clear indication of his anti-war stance.

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